Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Birthday and a Petting Zoo

I have failed as a mother.  On Big Lad's fifteenth birthday I took not one photo.  Zero, zilch, zippo!

In my defense, it wasn't an especially photographable birthday.  But it was a fantastic one, according to the lad himself.  A sleepover with his good friend C., a lavish breakfast produced by Papa Speechless, gifts of money and vouchers from his favorite shops (including a certain fast-food taco joint), an all-day eating/shopping/eating spree with said friend and me, a quick bite of pizza at the annual church Easter egg-dyeing fest (yep, more eating), and another gift fest at Grandma's.

And then Easter happened, and a little brother with a cold, and the excitement of helping Grandma find a fab new house to live in...and, truth be told, a little bit of frolicking in the woods...and here it is, more than two weeks later, and I'm just now talking about it.

Ah, well.  It was good, he had a fine time, and he doesn't seem too traumatized by the fact that his parents are in no hurry to sign him up for driving lessons (even though fifteen-year-olds in Missouri are indeed eligible for a learner's permit).  Phew!

But in case you need reassuring evidence that my Tall Teen still exists, here he is bonding with a yak.

And a camel.

All for now.  Except for this photo for Barb, who is under the weather.

Also, my sister and brother-in-law are flying to Norway day after tomorrow.  Feel free to wave at the sky if you see them!


Barb said...

I was already jealous with the yak and camel (if I would have known you were going to a petting zoo I would have had Big Lad tug on a few handfuls of yak and camel down for me. Then the goat....be still my heart and my fuzzy head......I really want goats again. They are so smart and entertaining. I just need better fences than what we intend to put up for the sheep and llamas. But one never knows what will happen, does one?

The Coffee Lady said...

Ooh! You still exist! And so do your boys. All is very well.

The Coffee Lady said...

Ooh! You still exist! And so do your boys. All is very well.

driftwood said...

15! good grief.

dottycookie said...

Driving lessons at 15? Excuse me while I faint.

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Tall Lad. I think his birthday sounds lovely.

Toffeeapple said...

He's 15? How on earth did that happen? Looks like he enjoyed his birthday, so that is good.

Driving at his age? Cripes!

Fee said...

Happy Birthday Big Lad - from your down under friends. Thankfully I get an extra year reprieve until my "getting taller lad" gets a learners permit to drive. I'm thinking teaching him will be a "Dad" job!
Love to you all xox

silverpebble said...

15? Holy smoke that's grown up.

I can't say I've ever met a yak. Is it something you'd recommend?

Lisa said...

Many belated happy birthday wishes!
A great way to spend your birthday a combo of shopping and eating.
Lisa x

Duyvken said...

Happy birthday big lad! 15. Wow.