Thursday, April 18, 2013


It is cold, gusty, dark, wet and unpleasant, and I have been breaking with my green smoothie lifestyle to eat a lot of waffles.  And variations on porridge.

(Semi-gratuitous shot of oatmeal with chia seed and goji berries because Coffee Lady commented at the other blog that I seem to be getting even weirder.  Yep!)

Not that there haven't been pretty moments.  See what it looked like last Saturday?

When I talked Little Lad into taking a walk with me?

And we passed a sidewalk sale at the thrift shop?

And once home, he made us a flower tree?

Also, there was one hour yesterday when the sun came out (and it got HOT), and I frolicked in the woods and saw things like this...

...and then we had a couple of wonderful proper thunderstorms.

 And now it's winter again.

Ah, well.  Perhaps I will take my peevish little self and fire up the waffle iron, beg my neighbor for coffee, and settle in with something nice to read.


P.S.  Personal to Coffee Lady:  Salad with hempseed and chickweed flowers.  Nacho "cheese" made from cashews.  Pinto bean/flax tortilla chips.  Buon appetito!


Christina Tarr said...

You are alive!

I have been eating waffles, too. Yum.

Christina Tarr said...

You are alive!

I have been eating waffles, too. Yum.

silverpebble said...

ROSES???? Heavens to Betsy that's not winter, woman.

Goodness, you do eat some wonderful things. It seems to me that most are gathered from the hedgerow by fairies or similar.

Lisa said...

Goji berries are supposed to be a wonderful source of goodness, what do they taste like, similar to any other type of berry?
Now I found it quite hilarious that the Magic Organ was displayed near the boom about having chats about sex with your teenager!
Little Lad is looking more grown up.
Lisa x

dottycookie said...

I'm very much liking the look of that salad. The goji berries I will leave all for you!

Barb said...

Lisa! I was thinking the same thing....shame on us! >:O)

Lynn, Thank you for reminding me what Spring should look like at this time of year. None of that here!!

driftwood said...

you have blossom. bah humbug.

Suse said...

You do eat exotic foodstuffs.

Duyvken said...

Delicious! And I have again lost the link to your other blog and would LOVE to visit it. Now - re chia seeds, I have read that chia and flax really need to be ground so that they can be more readily absorbed. Am I needlessly grinding things? Goji berries don't taste like much to me but I do like the chewiness of them with my yoghurt. Much love to you flowergirl. A.

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

Just wandered in via one of the 'gang' ... Tracy I think (I'm not that forgetful, there was a pause to answer the door and natter with the postman) ... anyhoo, helloo :)

Been there, done that, re. a home-ed kid choosing school (was that on your other blog?)... it does rather shake you up a bit doesn't it, but in my experience it turns out okay.

I've just finished my breakfast porridge but looking at that gorgeous salad my mouth's watering :)

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Urmh..... goji berries I tried them they're 'orrible' good on ya girl!

Your blossom trees are out already, wow, not a sign of ours as yet. Promise to email back soon.

Hugs Jane

Sarah said...

I had to comment when I read about your chickweed flower salad! I have been searching for chickweed to feed my chickens after reading that they are rather partial to it (and my chickens are a pampered lot). I have lots of weeds in my garden but no chickweed. Luckily my gardening guru friend had some and didn't bat an eyelid when I asked for a cutting of her weed!! I now know I can eat them myself in a salad...chickens, you may be out of luck!

Half-heard in the Stillness said...

Bestest and Happiest New Year to you dearest hope you are safe and warm!

Northern Impish One ;))